It starts with each of us.



WRF affirms its founder’s vision who envisioned a thriving and prosperous Arkansas that benefits all Arkansans.


The mission of WRF is to improve the lives of Arkansans in three inter-related areas: education, economic development, and economic, racial, and social justice.

We pursue this mission through strategic grantmaking and partnerships, and using our voice, to help close the economic and educational gaps that leave too many Arkansas families in persistent poverty. Understanding that moving Arkansas from poverty to prosperity takes time, WRF invests for the long term in efforts that promise sustained and positive impact for Arkansas. The Foundation is committed to the development, promotion, and support of activities, programs, and organizations that address education, economic development, and economic, racial, and social justice. Working together, the needle can and must move from poverty to prosperity for all Arkansans.

2015 Statements of Financial Position

December 31, 2015 and 2014

ASSETS: 2015 2014
Cash and cash equivalents $003,532,465 $002,675,446
Certificates of deposit 454,153 453,013
Contributions receivable 22,250 22,250
Marketable securities 123,209,125 136,222,335
Accrued interest receivable and other assets 174,731 272,425
Program-related investments at cost 6,251,230 5,076,658
Mission-related investment at cost 425,000 350,000
Property and equipment, net 152,440 155,239
TOTAL ASSETS 134,221,394 145,227,366
Accounts payable $58,639 $45,057
Grants payable 3,483,080 3,201,590
Other liabilities 247,282 254,463
Total liabilities 3,789,001 3,501,110
NET ASSETS – UNRESTRICTED 130,432,393 141,726,256
TOTAL LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS $134,221,394 $145,227,366

2015 Statements of Activities

For the years ended December 31, 2015 and 2014

Grants and contributions $000179,000 $000089,000
Investment return (3,168,502) 5,136,496
Total revenues and gains (losses) (2,989,502) (5,225,496)
Program services:
Grants 4,222,495 3,755,947
Program administration 2,132,654 1,648,877
Total program service expenses 6,355,149 5,404,824
Supporting activities:
Investment management expense 536,505 489,494
Federal excise tax 108,277 157,672
General administration 1,304,430 1,178,511
Total supporting activity expenses 1,949.212 1,825,677
Total expenses 8,304,361 7,230,501
CHANGE IN NET ASSETS (11,293,863) (2,005,005)
NET ASSETS BEGINNING OF YEAR 141,726,256 143,731,261
NET ASSETS, END OF YEAR $130,432,393 $141,726,256

2015 Board of Directors

  • Phillip (Phil) N. Baldwin

    Phillip (Phil) N. Baldwin


    The Citizens Bank
    Batesville, AR

  • David G. Rainey, Ed.D.

    David G. Rainey, Ed.D.

    Dumas, AR

  • Jerry Adams

    Jerry Adams

    President and Chief Executive Officer

    Arkansas Research Alliance
    Conway, AR

  • Frederick (Freddie) Black

    Frederick (Freddie) Black


    South Region, Simmons First Bank
    Lake Village, AR

  • Rene Bryce-Laporte

    René Bryce-Laporte


    Bryce-Laporte Information & Consulting
    Washington, D.C.

  • Helen Dorado Alessi

    Helen Dorado Alessi

    Executive Director

    Long Beach Latino Civic Association
    Long Beach, NY

  • Susan Harriman, M.Ed.

    Susan Harriman, M.Ed.

    Policy and Special Projects Director

    Arkansas Department of Education
    Little Rock, AR

  • Kilolo Kijakazi

    Kilolo Kijakazi

    Institute Fellow

    The Urban Institute
    Washington, D.C.

  • Pledger E. Monk, III

    Pledger E. Monk, III

    Senior Vice President, Wealth Management Advisor

    Merrill Lynch, Monk, Mitchell & Williams
    Little Rock, AR

  • Lisenne Rockefeller

    Lisenne Rockefeller

    President and Chair

    The Winrock Group, Inc. and Winrock Farms, Inc.
    Little Rock, AR

  • Victoria (Vicki) Saviers

    Victoria (Vicki) Saviers

    Little Rock, AR

  • Calvin White, Jr., Ph.D.

    Calvin White, Jr., Ph.D.

    Director of African and African American Studies

    University of Arkansas Department of History
    Fayetteville, AR

  • Rosa Velazquez

    Rosa Velázquez

    Executive Director

    Arkansas Coalition for DREAM
    DeQueen, AR

2015 Foundation Staff

  • Sherece Y. West-Scantlebury, Ph.D.

    Sherece Y. West-Scantlebury, Ph.D.

    President and CEO

  • Cory S. Anderson

    Cory S. Anderson

    Vice President

  • Andrea M. Dobson, C.P.A.

    Andrea M. Dobson, C.P.A.

    Chief Operating & Financial Officer

  • Regan Gruber Moffitt

    Regan Gruber Moffitt

    Associate Vice President

  • Andrew Ford

    Andrew Ford

    Senior Associate, Education and Community Change

  • Michael Castens

    Michael Castens

    Grant & Operations Manager

  • Xóchitl Delgado-Solárzano

    Xóchitl Delgado-Solárzano

    Program Associate & Board Liaison

  • Brad Cameron

    Brad Cameron

    Program Associate

  • Russell Carey

    Russell Carey

    Program Associate

  • Hannah Peacock

    Hannah Peacock

    Program Assistant

  • Meredith Morrison

    Meredith Morrison

    Program Coordinator VISTA